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Cesspits and Cesspools

A cesspool or cesspit is simply a single-chamber storage tank with no outlet, usually installed when neither a septic tank nor a sewage treatment plant would be suitable. The tank is usually very large, as it has to contain all the site's waste water and sewage.

A cesspool can be any shape or size, but obviously it must be watertight, both to prevent leakage of sewage into the ground and to prevent the ingress of groundwater (which then has to be emptied out along with the waste).

The only way to dispose of the waste is for a licensed contractor to pump the waste out for disposal.

We empty cesspools and holding tanks.

ABBA Cleansing offers a reliable, professional and cost-effective service in emptying cesspools of all sizes. We will safely pump out the contents at a time to suit you, and dispose of them in an environmentally sound manner.

Free cesspool advice where ever possible

Note that under the Public Health Act 1936, it is an offence for a cesspool to either overflow or leak into surrounding ground. Local Authorities have the power to fine the owners of properties where this happens. If contamination enters a watercourse, the Environment Agency may also take legal action under the Water Resources Act 1991.

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