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Septic Tank Emptying

A septic tank is a multi-chamber holding chamber, designed to slow down the flow through the tank itself so that solid and liquid wastes can separate. Organic elements break down biologically, so that the liquids and fine particulates can safely exit the tank. Its outlet leads to an underground soakaway system, where the liquids are dispersed into the ground.

The solid waste remains in the tank as a sludge, and will on average need emptying once a year.

We empty and inspect septic tanks

Our trained and fully licensed operators provide a tank-clearing service which is efficient, professional and cost-effective. We will come to you at a time which suits your business or domestic routine, where ever possible.

If your septic system isn't maintained, you may need to replace it, costing you thousands of pounds. A malfunctioning system can contaminate groundwater, which is dangerous and an offence. Having your building's waste systems looked after means one less thing to worry about for site owners.

Domestic responsibilities

As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining your own septic system. A properly maintained system can provide long-term, effective treatment of household wastewater. You should periodically inspect your system, and pump out your septic tank to keep it working effectively. And if you sell your home, your septic system must be in good working order.

Environment Agency legislation requires homeowners to ensure their sewage systems are regularly maintained and servicing records kept. These rules apply to homes holding a wastewater discharge permit, and also to homes where permit exemptions have been granted, regulations known as EPP2.

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